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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sad & Happy

I found a new blog yesterday, Flower Photography. Well, actually she found me first & left me a few sweet comments so of course I went right over to check out her blog & follow back! She has a linky party she does, it starts on Wed. called Watchful Wednesdays. I didn't get a chance to link up yesterday so I'm doing it now.

This weeks challenge is Emotion.

I'm feeling SAD today.

Missing my Mamie (great-grandma) who passed away last year. She was 100! This pic I took back in Jan. My daughter Laci & I trekked through the snow to visit her. See, Laci was really close w/her. They always had this cute little bond. She didn't take it very well when she passed & still talks about her & how she misses her. The cemetary is down the road from our house so we can go visit whenever we want.

But I am also HAPPY that she was able to know her great-great grandmother & had the time she had w/her.

This pic is one of my favorites, it's from Laci's 5th birthday party.



  1. Aw, Allison! *sadface* I know you miss her. These pictures are precious, precious memories!

  2. What a sweet post. sorry for your lose.
    Nice to see generations together, she is a lucky little girl to have known her. Not many have that chance. God bless

  3. How beautiful she was able to know here! I still remember my Great granny :-) Thanks so much for linking up I love your pics :-)

  4. Very sweet photo together! So hard to lose a loved one.


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