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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve!

How was everyone's New Year's?
Mine was quiet.
Just me & the kids, hubby had to work as usual (he's a cook).

I decided to treat them to a bunch of snacky type of food for dinner.
Here's what we had.

Choc. covered strawberries & bananas.

Choc. covered pears & marshmallows.

Mini cheese & bean & cheese quesadilla's.

Cucumbers & celery w/ranch dip.

And tater tots.

They loved their dinner!

Look at Rylan's face! LOL

Getting ready to watch the movie Rio.

All 4 stayed up w/me & watched the ball drop!
Even the 2 year old!

Lauren being a good big sister & playing cars w/the boys.

LuLu taking silly pics of herself & Rylan!

Playing the Wii.

And of course snuggle time!

Ugh...don't mind my appearance in this pic!
I'm huge!
Can't wait for this baby to come!!

Hope you all had a great New Years Eve!