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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I'm back!!
I didn't really go anywhere, just been busy.

How was everyone's Memorial Day weekend?

We spent all of Sat. & Sun. up at the campground where my mom has a seasonal site.
Mon. we spent cleaning, planting our first garden & relaxing.

I took a few pics from the weekend but wish I had taken more.
It was hard though because w/Rylan being almost 2, all he did was run the whole time we were up there! I was so exhausted by the end of each day!

Sat. hubby worked all day so it was just me w/all 4 of the kids.
Our cousin's Pat & Ronnie also went up as well as my brother-in-law, niece & nephew.
We had such a long winter that the kids were just about bursting w/excitement to hurry up & get up there & have some fun!
And fun they did have!

The first campfire of the season!
Of course after dinner we made smores, so messy but so good!
They had a hayride that night that LuLu & Braedon went on.

Sat. night Lauren, LuLu & Braedon all slept over.
It was so weird going home w/only Rye.

Mickey didn't have to work on Sunday so he was able to go up w/us.
On this day my 2 brother's & their kids came up as well!

Here are the kids enjoying the pool.
The owners always heat it for Memorial Day weekend, it was 80 degrees that day!
Laci was a little fish & hated when she had to get out!
My one pic w/Lauren in it, she'll be mad when she see's it, oh well! LOL

My brother throwing my nephew in the pool.

My mom w/baby Gabriel.

Later on in the day after dinner they have a D.J. come play.
Rye dancing.


Once it got dark they lit the bonfire.

Braedon was amazed at how big it was!

All the kids dancing.

We couldn't get Braedon off the dance floor!
He was hysterical, making up his own moves, dancing w/the girls, he had a blast!
Everytime this girl came onto the dance floor he would run over to her & start dancing w/her!
Yeah, 4 1/2 years old, I'm in trouble!

It was a nice weekend, full of sun, lots of laughs, good food & of course fun!

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend as well!!