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Friday, May 13, 2011

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That!

I'm glad Blogger is back up & running! I was having withdrawals! LOL Of course when it did finally come back on, I couldn't do a post at that time, the boys were up from their naps.

This post is kind of a catch up of the past week in a half.

The day of Lauren's birthday she had dance from 3:30 - 8:00, so I brought a cake up for her & her friends to share.

Yeah, oh so thrilled I'm taking a pic!

Rylan loves looking out the window & watching all the kids over at the park.

We had cake for Lauren this past Wed. night. We decided not to have a bigger birthday party this year since we will be throwing her a big graduation party.
Red Velvet cake! It was Yummy!!

Yup, I only got 2 pics, she wouldn't of course let me take anymore.

I had to snap this cuz it was just too cute!

My friend came over the last 2 Tues. w/her daughter, Gracelyn for some fun at the park!

This is her cute little dog, Alexa. She's only like 3 or 4 pounds.

Last night I took them over to Craneville school park where Laci goes to school.

Rylan was obsessed w/playing in the dirt.
I love this pic!

LuLu all smiles.

And last but not least....
LuLu asks me earlier today if she can go across the street to the park because her best friend Katie was over there. I gave in & let her go. About 20 minutes later she comes in the door crying hysterically because she was going across the monkey bars & lost her grip & fell on her arm. I was like great the one time I let her go w/out me & she gets hurt! So, I gave the kids dinner & then took her down to the ER. I knew it wasn't broke, & I didn't see any swelling but she kept insisting it really hurt to bend her arm. They took xrays, it looks like it's not sprained either but I have to find out for sure tomorrow from the doctor's office. So, the ER doctor wants her keep this sling on it all of tomorrow just to be on the safe side. Her & I are really hoping it's not sprained because the dance recital is in a few weeks & she will be so upset if she couldn't do acrobatics! It's her favorite! Please cross your fingers for her!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

At it Again! (Spray Painting)

In addition to finishing up the flower beds yesterday I also spray painted a couple things.

My father-in -law gave me this bicycle plant holder he had found a few years ago.
It was cute but definitely needed a paint job to brighten it up!

the before.....

the after.....
Much better! Now I just need to add a cute plant!

When my husband was weeding the other day he found this little rabbit.
I washed it up.....

And spray painted it white.

Here he is in his new home.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Flower Beds Made Pretty

Hubby had last night off. And it was really nice out so we wanted to get the flower beds in the front weeded & mulch put down. I played w/the kids while the hubs did the flower beds. Honestly, I'm glad he wanted to do it, I really didn't want to do the weeding, not real fond of it. I only have 1 before pic, kind of thought about taking pics too late.

once he was done w/the weeding.....

Then put the mulch down. I like it! Such a difference!

Some of my pretty flowers....

We found many, many rocks in our yard. So, I came up w/the idea to line the flower beds with them. I figured it would be a good way to keep the mulch in & make it even prettier. The kids & I went around the yard, behind the garage, etc.. hunting for rocks.

I didn't get to it last night, so today while Rye was sleeping I got right to it.

I'm def. happy w/it! What do you think?

Now I can't wait to get some hanging plants for the porch. I might also get some more flowers for the beds, i want more color!

I also did a couple spray painting projects I will post tomorrow!

Have a great night!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Goodwill Finds

I know I've been MIA since Thurs. I was busy w/Lauren's B-Day & Mother's Day.
Mother's Day was nice, the hubby & kids brought me up coffee & a cinnamon bun to bed for me in the morning. It was cute! And of course many beautiful handmade gifts, the best!! We then had dinner later on w/my mom & siblings & Mickey's mom came down after for dessert. I hope all of you had a nice Mother's day!

I noticed this morning I lost a follower! :( I was sad.... Am I that boring? I try not to let it bother me, I mean I do have 4 children & can't always blog everyday!

Anyway, on to what my post is really about!
These are some of my Goodwill finds from the last 2 weeks or so.

This cute sign was like $2.80!

I got all these cool frames! They were all $4.00 & under! I'm going to refinish most of them & then develop some of my Nature photography to put in them. I will then try selling some at a craft show 1 of my friends is doing.

This is 1 of my favorite finds ever for obvious reasons! I was practically jumping up & down when I found it! And it's a Broyhill! It def. needs a paint job, but that's ok w/me. I'm thinking cream colored. what do you think?

Here are the cool knobs! I like these so I will be leaving them!

And last but not least.....Yup a Vera Bradley pocketbook!
Take a guess for how much?

$3.00! I was like heck yeah!!!

I'd say I did good!!

Have a great night all!