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Friday, January 14, 2011

Some Reorganizing......

I've seen on quite a few blogs that I follow how organized some people are. I'm not always the most organized person! I have my days, some days I'm a clean freak then other times I'll go days w/out doing anything. In a way some of these blogs have inspired me to get my house more organized. With a family of 6 I've come to realize I really need to do this! Maybe it will actually inspire my kids to follow in my footsteps, haha a girl can only hope!

I started w/the cabinet under the sink. It was a mess! So I went searching through the house for some baskets, which I found more than I realized I had!

After! So much neater now!

Next was the pantry. It was a disaster! Things were everywhere, no real place for things!

After! I was so proud of the job I did.

All pans & things I don't use that often up on the higher shelves, all the canned food on one shelf, all the spices are now together in a basket, all the sugar,flour& brown sugar are together in a basket.

All the pans I use a lot are now together, napkins in a pretty basket for easy access & all the foil, plastic baggies, etc. together in a basket. And the floor is clutter free!

Much better! Now I need to organize the rest of the house!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Embrace The Camera - 5th Birthday

It's Thursday again! So, you know what that means, it's Embrace your Camera day!
This is my 2nd week.

This pic is of my 2nd oldest, Laci (aka-LuLu Bell) & I on the day of her 5th birthday!

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Need Some Advice.....

Okay, here's my 1st dilemma, My 4 year old son will NOT go poo on the potty! He does well with pee but refuses with poo. I've tried everything I can think of. I've yelled, tried to ignore it, put him in underwear & he doesn't care will just poo in it, tried putting a diaper back on him (he didn't care), bribing him doesn't even work! I'm going a little crazy here! Braedon goes to pre-school & takes a tumble/pre-ballet class & can hold it through those things so I know he can do it, he just refuses! Now he has done poo before on the potty about 3 or 4 times & after each time I made a huge deal out of it. Like clapping, jumping up & down, telling him how proud I was of him & giving him candy & he still refuses to go! I don't get it. He doesn't really say he's scared of it just doesn't want to do it. Well I am tired of changing 2 kids diapers, his brother is almost 18 months. Plus my husband was hurt at work recently & is out of work so we really can't keep affording 2 sets of diapers/pull-up's a week! So, I would love any advice you can give me!!!!

2nd dilemma, my 7 year old, Laci is a really, really picky eater! Recently when I just took her to her check-up I was told they were worried because her body mass weight had gone from being in the 50th % to the 15th%. I told them she's a terrible eater. The only vegetable's this kid will eat are cucumbers, black olives & carrots that are not cooked. She will very rarely try anything new. She does like most fruit. Pretty much all this child will eat is pizza, mac & cheese, chicken, buttered pasta (won't even eat it w/sauce), p.b. sandwiches( hates jelly), cereal(would eat it every night for dinner if I let her), any breakfast stuff she does eat. So, I was told by the doctor if she refuses to eat dinner then I need to let her get something else like cereal, or bread & butter, etc.. but that she has to do it herself! Now this is kinda hard for me because I was brought up if you don't eat what's in front of you then you go to bed w/out. That's how I am pretty much. I'm not quite as strict as my parents were, I do give in to her & let her have something else but I just try to teach my children that this is not a restaurant. But obviously now that her health is kinda at risk I will let her have what she wants for now. So, I would love any advice, supper ideas & recipes you can shoot my way!!!


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