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Saturday, July 10, 2010


I've been thinking alot lately about starting my own blog and finally decided to give a whirl. I don't know if I will actually be any good at it but figured it couldn't hurt to try! I'll start by telling you a little about myself. I am 34 soon to be 35 in August. I've been with my husband for almost 15 years & married for almost 8. We have 4 children, Lauren is 13, Laci is 61/2, Braedon is 31/2 and Rylan who will be 1 in a week. I've been a stay at home mom for 4 years now and I love it! My husband is a cook who works 2 jobs so I can stay home with the kids. We met at work, he was the cook and I a waitress, trying to save to move to NY to pursue my dance career. Well, it didn't quite work out that way, we soon were together all the time and about a year into our relationship I became pregnant with my oldest. And that's how our family came to start. I had always wanted 4 kids since I was a child, ( i am the oldest of 4) so I was used to the big family thing. My husband is also 1 of 4 children. We were blessed with 4 happy, healthy children who I thank god for everyday! It's not always easy that's for sure but definitely worth it!

This is The oldest Lauren. Or L.T. as I sometimes call her. She just turned 13 in May. She really is a good kid, gets great grades in school, helps me with her siblings and loves to dance. She is definitely a mini-me, looks like me & has my attitude so we do clash sometimes.

This is Laci, who we call LuLu, or LuLu bell. She is a very very energenic girl! Not shy at all, makes friends so easily & always wakes up with a smile. She also dances, her favorite we just discovered this year is acrobatics. She is really good at it too! She also loves to sing and is our drama child.
This is Braedon. We call him buddy. He's my snuggly boy, always has been since he was a tiny baby. He just started preschool this past September and absolutely loved it and can't wait to go back! Lauren and him have a close bond, kinda sometimes like a second mommy to him. Loves going to the park, climbs everything!

And last but certainly not least, baby Rylan who will be 1 in a week. We call him our little bugaboo. Such a happy baby! Really easy hardly ever cries! Seems to be a little closer to LuLu. She was the happiest when I became pregnant with him, couldn't wait for his arrival. Kind of a late bloomer because he just started crawling about 2 weeks ago. Now there's no stopping him! Always wants to explore and be near his siblings!

And here's all of us together at Rylan's baptism.