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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Braedon's 1st Day of All Day Pre-School!

Well, today was the day I sent my little man off to his first day of all day pre-school.
He was so excited when he got up this morning!
Me....not so much.
I mean, I was because I know it's what he wanted & I know he will have a blast.
But he's growing up so fast....

Back pack & lunch all packed & ready to go.

In his new outfit!

Can we go yet mom??

Of course Rylan again wanting to get in on the picture taking.

And LuLu too.....

Braedon was just like, "come on lets go"!
When we got there, he gave his father & brother a kiss goodbye, Rye started to cry :( & I brought him up to the door, gave him a kiss & he took off yelling "bye mom"!
Now I can't wait to pick him up & see how his day went!!