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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa's Winter Wonderland

Last night my brother & I took our kids to Santa's Winter Wonderland. It was in one of the Crane family mansion's here in Dalton. We had never been before & it was free so we figured we would check it out! They did a great job on the whole set up of it all! Beautiful decorations! This first pic is of the outside of the mansion all lit up.

The first room you walked into was filled with about 7 trees all decorated differently. Here was one of the kids favorites, of course because it was filled with candy.

Some more trees in the next room.

LuLu just HAD to pose with the money tree (w/her cousin Alora).
This was the 3rd room. I thought this was such a cute idea! The "elves" were actually making toys too!
The 4th room. Braedon meeting the Grinch.

The kids all signed their names in Santas book.
This was the room right before seeing Santa. I loved this tree!

And here in the main room was a nice train set up. The boys were mesmerized by it! Braedon was dying to get his hands on it! They also got to decorate an ornament in this room as well for the elf to put on one of the trees.

One of the other rooms there was also a band playing Xmas music. It was nice that there was something for them to do in each room before they got to Santa. Of course no pics of the 13 yr. old, all she did was complain anyway, oh well her age I guess. The rest of the kids enjoyed it anyway! I was so tired by the time we got to Santa, mainly because Rylan made me hold him almost the whole time. I'm glad we went though!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Then & Now Thursday.....

Rylan-5 mnths.

Rylan-17 mnths.

They grow so much in one year! It's so crazy to see how little he was last year
& now he's such a big boy! He'll always be my baby boy though!