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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fun at the Park!

It was really nice out yesterday, so after we dropped Lauren off to dance, we walked across the street to the park. There were a ton of kids there! Rylan is so funny this year, he is on the run the whole time he's there. And he screams when we have to leave. Such a difference compared to last year. Last year he wasn't even a year yet & wasn't walking. It kinda makes me sad, him being the baby & all, he's growing up so fast. Although who am I kidding, really I get sad with the others too. Time sure does go by quickly. My first born will be 14 in a few weeks!

LuLu loves her sidewalk chalk.

My little monkey.

This one is my favorite! I caught them all just right!

Hilarious! Look at the look on his face!

Funny Face!

He was a little scared at first of the swing but soon was loving it.

We hung out for a little over an hour & of course it took me about 20 minutes to get them all to leave. But they had fun & that's all that matters!

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Embrace the Camera-LuLu & I

I'm joining Emily's linky party "Embrace the Camera" today.

It's all about my youngest daughter Laci & I.

Back in December we switched both of the girls to the schools in our district. Originally we were going to let them finish the year out in their previous schools (we moved to a different town back in Oct.) But then the hubby was injured on the job & was going to be out of work for 2 months. Well we just couldn't afford the gas w/him not working therefore we had to switch them.

So both the girls got their report cards yesterday & this note came w/Laci's from her teacher. I was so touched by this I teared up a little! I thought this was such a thoughtful thing for her teacher to do! It made me feel much better about switching my girls! (Lauren also did very well on her report card & am proud of her as well!) I am so proud of my little LuLu Bell!

I took these w/my iphone, that's why they are a little blurry.

Love you baby girl!

Have a great day all!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I went to bed last night having 99 followers & when I logged on this morning I had 103 followers!


I was pretty excited! So, I've been trying to come up with something to do for a giveaway. Everyone needs to please bear with me because I have never done this before! Well what I came up with was to giveaway one of my framed prints. I'm not even sure how well this will go over but figured I would give it a whirl!

Ok, down below are 2 examples of some of my prints. They are hanging in my living room. They are 8x10 prints w/a mat in a 11x14 frame. This will be what you will get as far as the frame & mat goes.

Here's What You Do:

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Then head over to my AllisonNicole Photography page on Facebook, go into the Nature album & pick which print you would like & leave me a comment letting me know what you would choose! (1 entry)


"Like" my AllisonNicole Photography page on Facebook. Please leave me a comment letting me know. (2 entries)

And that's it! So you can have a total of 4 entries. Just remember to leave me a comment for each entry. (You only have to leave me 1 comment for the extra entry, I will remember to put your name in twice!)

I'm hoping this goes over well & I was clear. Remember I'm still new to this giveaway thing!

This will be open until Mon. April 18 @ midnight. I will then announce the winner at some point on Tues. the 19th!

Okay, I think I remembered everything! Let me know if you have any trouble getting to my FB page!

Have a great week!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Family Time & Last Newbie Party

Friday night I decided to be brave & try taking the youngest 3 munchkins to Friendly's for ice cream after dinner. Hubby was working & L.T. was at a school dance. I say brave because my children can be a little wild sometimes when we go out to a restaurant. They suprised me though, they were actually very well behaved! They were pretty excited because I hadn't taken them here in quite a while. Here's my little bugaboo making silly faces! We were cracking up at him!

Rye loved his ice cream & did really well eating it all by himself! He's getting so big!

Braedon posing, not sure what kind of pose this is....

LuLu enjoying the ice cream as well.

Crazy kids! LOL

We definitely had fun! They kept me smiling. I love when we can go somewhere & they behave & are so nice to each other! I just wish the hubby & oldest could have been there too!

I'm linking up to Debbiedo's newbie party. I'm now at 99 followers, so this will be my last time being able to link up. I have to give a HUGE shout out to DEBBIE! She was one of my first followers. ALOT of my followers have come from her starting up this newbie party!! It's been great meeting all the wonderful bloggers out there! She has such an awesome blog & I so look forward to reading each & every post she writes! I can only hope for my blog to someday be as great as hers! Although I do think I have come a long way from when I first started! I was introduced to the wonderful world of spray paint (yeah I'm pretty much addicted!) because of Debbie & many more of you wonderful bloggers! So, again thanks Debbie!

Have a great week!