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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Embrace the Camera-LuLu & I

I'm joining Emily's linky party "Embrace the Camera" today.

It's all about my youngest daughter Laci & I.

Back in December we switched both of the girls to the schools in our district. Originally we were going to let them finish the year out in their previous schools (we moved to a different town back in Oct.) But then the hubby was injured on the job & was going to be out of work for 2 months. Well we just couldn't afford the gas w/him not working therefore we had to switch them.

So both the girls got their report cards yesterday & this note came w/Laci's from her teacher. I was so touched by this I teared up a little! I thought this was such a thoughtful thing for her teacher to do! It made me feel much better about switching my girls! (Lauren also did very well on her report card & am proud of her as well!) I am so proud of my little LuLu Bell!

I took these w/my iphone, that's why they are a little blurry.

Love you baby girl!

Have a great day all!

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  1. Sweet memory. Love the silly faces!

  2. Haha...love the middle picture with the funny faces! I'm addicted to taking pics like that with my son. :)

  3. That is lovely to get that! I love your pics so full of personality!


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