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Monday, September 19, 2011

Applesauce Time!

Do you like homemade applesauce?

I LOVE it!
It's sooo much better than the jarred stuff!
My oldest loves it too, the other 3 won't eat it.
Lauren & I think they are weird, how can you not like applesauce?
I mean they eat apples, but hate applesauce.
Oh well, more for Lauren & I!

There's nothing complicated or different about mine, just easy & quick!
But sooo good!

First you need lots of apples.
I used a whole bag.
Don't ask me how many I used because I don't remember how many.
Feel free to use as many as you like.
Just remember even though it may look like alot in the pan it's not really because they break down pretty quick.

Here they are all cut up in the pan, filled to the brim.
I used 3 different kinds, Mac's, Golden Delicious & Paula Red's.
Again you can use whatever kind or kinds you like best.

Add a little water to the pan, not alot.
Medium heat, stirring every few minutes.
I add cinnamon as they start cooking, some people add it to it afterwards, but I like the smell of the cinnamon as they are cooking.

Here's what it will look like.
Now take it off the stove & I taste test to make sure I think it has enough cinnamon.
We like ours pretty cinnamony so I added a little more.
Now this is when you can add some sugar if you want.
I normally don't because the apples are sweet enough, but I did add some to this batch because it was a little tart.
Again, it's up to you as to how much.
And here's the finished product!
Omg, it was really good!
Lauren & I ate some w/our dinner Sat. night.

I also went on to All Recipes.com that night & looked up some apple recipes.
I found a bunch of different things to use the apples in!
I found:
Butternut Apple Harvest Soup-I will so be trying this one for Thanksgiving(maybe sooner though ;))!
Apple Brownies-um yeah this one sounds so yummy!
Taffy Apple Salad-I might try this one this weekend for Braedon's birthday party, if I do don't worry I will post the recipe!
Apple Cole Slaw-I love cole slaw so I can't wait to try it!
Pumpkin Cake w/Apple Top-This one sounds absolutely delicious!!

What kind of things do you use apples for?

Have to go get the kiddos from school now, hope you all have a great rest of a day!!