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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lauren's First Day of 8th Grade

Well it was Lauren's turn this morning. First day of 8th grade! She wasn't as excited to go back as Laci was. Except for being able to get all new school supplies & clothes. Of course she loves that. And seeing all her friends too! I can't believe she will be graduating this year, seems like yesterday I was saying this about her graduating from 5th grade! Of course I wanted a couple pictures of her this morning & she was not thrilled about this but let me take 2.

She just looks so thrilled! haha Oh well I told her she needed to be nice & deal with it! Someday she'll appreciate all the pictures I take.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Laci's First Day of School

Today was LuLu's first day of 2nd grade! She was really excited! Here's the new school bag. She's growing up too quick, refused to get a backpack this year, she just had to have this tote! How could I say no? You can't tell in the pic but the peace sign is actually sequins, it's so Laci.

The big 2nd grader!Her new Hannah Montana outfit.My little model.
She was all smiles after school, said it was a good day! Tomorrow it's Lauren's turn. First day of 8th grade!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

House, Concert & Sweet Dreams

Lots of stuff going on lately. First is that after being together for almost 15 years, my husband & I have finally been able to purchase our first HOME!! I am sooo excited! No more apartment, paying rent to some landlord! Finally something of ours!! The closing will be Sept. 30th & it can't come soon enough! It's a colonial, 2 car garage, fenced in backyard, front porch & across the street from a park! I feel really blessed to have found this house! I always wanted a house with a front porch & I'm so glad we found a house with one!

Next is on last Wed. I took my oldest & her friend to her first concert. It was Justin Beiber. I had bought the tickets back in Feb. or March for her 13th birthday which was in May. Oh was it nuts!! So many screaming teenagers including mine! It was cool though to see how happy & excited Lauren was! She said it was the best night of her life so far!! They made their own shirts, bandana's & sign's.
Here Lauren & Laken are trying to win upgraded tickets from Fly 92 with their JB signs.
Here they are with Tash from Fly 92.And here he is! I thought this was a good pic because it's like he was looking right at us!I have to say even though my ears were ringing for 2 days & that I don't really care for his music, I have to give him credit cause he does put on a pretty good show for his fans! And I didn't know this till that night but he can play the drums, piano, guitar & trombone, I was impressed with that.

A couple nights ago I went up stairs to check on all the kids & make sure everyone was asleep & they were so cute of course I had to take a couple pics. Lauren says I'm weird, oh well! Here I found that LuLu had snuck in my bed w/Rylan. Isn't it cute how his head is resting on her shoulder?!

Then I went to check Braedon & this is what I found! I was cracking up!Needless to say I obviously didn't get one of Lauren cause she would have not been very happy with me!

I'm now need to go get some rest for tomorrow, big day, first day of 2nd grade for LuLu Bell! I know I say it every year about all my kids but I'm gonna say it again I can't believe how big all my kids are getting! How time flies!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

5 year old calls 911

As I was surfing other blogs I found this video of a 5 year old calling 911 because her father was having chest pains. It was so adorable I had to post to my blog. These parents taught their child well! I've taught mine about calling 911 and I just hope that if the time ever arises my children will be as calm and focused as she was! So check it out, like I said adorable!