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Thursday, November 25, 2010



I wish everyone a healthy happy Thanksgiving! I'm so grateful & thankful for my hubby, 4 awesome kids, mom, dad, sister, brothers, extended family, hubby's family, friends, health, all the wonderful food we had today & our new home! There is one thing I ask for though & that is for all your prayers for my brother, his girlfriend & my nephew Gabriel. He's had many complications since he was born. He's now back at Children's Hospital in Boston because they found a small amount of bleeding in the brain! So even though we all had a nice dinner it wasn't the same because they weren't with us! And I do have to admit I kinda felt guilty that my poor brother & his family were stuck in the hospital while we were all having a big family meal. Please pray for baby Gabriel I would really appreciate it! Come home soon my little munchkin we miss you!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cake Time Again......

My niece's 3rd birthday party was on Sat. My sister was making cupcakes for but I also wanted to make her a cake. I was dying to try another version of the whole "rainbow" cake thing. I only used 1 cake mix this time, separated into 3 dishes & colored them purple, pink & yellow. I then put the purple in the pan first.

Then I put the pink in the middle of that & spread it out a little.

And the same w/the yellow.

Here it is all done baking. Next time I won't spread the pink & yellow out so much.

I then decorated it. I used heart cookie cutters to hold the sprinkles, then outlined with the frosting. And yes I know I spelled birthday wrong!! haha oops...
The inside! It was yummy too! And it was a hit again!
The birthday girl, Isabella blowing out her candles! Happy Birthday sweetie!!