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Thursday, November 25, 2010



I wish everyone a healthy happy Thanksgiving! I'm so grateful & thankful for my hubby, 4 awesome kids, mom, dad, sister, brothers, extended family, hubby's family, friends, health, all the wonderful food we had today & our new home! There is one thing I ask for though & that is for all your prayers for my brother, his girlfriend & my nephew Gabriel. He's had many complications since he was born. He's now back at Children's Hospital in Boston because they found a small amount of bleeding in the brain! So even though we all had a nice dinner it wasn't the same because they weren't with us! And I do have to admit I kinda felt guilty that my poor brother & his family were stuck in the hospital while we were all having a big family meal. Please pray for baby Gabriel I would really appreciate it! Come home soon my little munchkin we miss you!

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