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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our trip to Ioka Farm!


As I said in my last post last weekend was busy.
On Sunday we went to another local farm, Ioka Valley Farm.
Along w/Mickey & I & the kids came my mom & all 3 of my siblings & their families.
So, a big group of us there was, 18 of us to be exact!

This place is great!
Tons for the kids to do, although it can be a little pricey, I figure what the heck we only do it once a year.
They have this huge playground, animals you can feed, a hay maze, dress your own scarecrow section, a little train ride, pick your own pumpkin patch, a huge corn field to pick your own corn, a cafe & gift shop.

I took a lot of pics that day!

First the kids started off at the playground.
This is the 40 ft. tunnel slide they have, the thing all the kids went on the most!
It was funny because even adults were going down this thing!

Yup even got a couple pics of Lauren, she wasn't to happy but I said oh well!

Rylan went down this one about 20 times!

My niece Isabella.

Lauren on a pedal car.
The kids love these too!

Rylan & Isabella.

My brother Shaun & his little one, Gabriel.

I forget what they call this thing but you just push this huge ball through the maze thingy till you get to the end.

Braedon, loves posing for pics!

Daddy w/his boys checking out the cows.

Braedon doing the car races.

The train ride....

My nephew Colby w/LuLu.

My niece Alora w/Rylan.

And off they go....

Eating lolipops while waiting for the tractor ride to bring us over to the pumpkin patch.

This is the water balloon slingshot.

LuLu watching the slingshots.
If you can make it in to the pumpkins mouth in the back you get a free pumpkin.

Crazy kids!It was a great day!
The weather was beautiful, not to cold, not to hot!
The kids all had a blast!
We all ended the day w/dinner at my mom's house.
And again, once we got them home & cleaned up & in bed they passed out sleeping in just a few minutes!
Then it was peace & quiet time for mom & dad!
Although we weren't to far behind them! ;)

Have a great Thursday!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Kimmy's Halloween Party!

How was everyone's weekend?
Ours was pretty busy.
Saturday night we went to my friends Halloween party she has every year.

This is Kimmy.
We've been friends for like 20 years.

This is her daughter Gracelyn.
She's such a cutie!

Once everyone got there, she started off the party w/a little scavenger hunt in the backyard.
She hides all these plastic, glow in the dark bugs around the yard for the kids to find.
She marks the bottom of one of the bugs & whoever has it gets the prize, which was a Halloween blanket & pillow.

Rylan, my little dalmation, wasn't into the whole thing, he just watched all the kids.

Braedon loves dressing as a pirate!

LuLu the devil.
So fitting for her at times! LOL

Kimmy has a small house so she decorates her garage all up & has the party in it.
She had lots of yummy food & desserts.
As you can see Rylan is enjoying the chocolate cupcakes!

She had a pumpkin carving contest.
Here's Lauren helping the kids w/the carving.
The only part of Lauren you will see as usual she wouldn't let me take any pics!

The finished pumpkin!
And my kids won!

This is what we won!
My kids were happy!

Gracie's pumpkin.

A little play time out on their swingset.

Dracula teeth!

Rylan taking a "pic" of me.

Rylan w/Kimmy's 3 lb. dog, Lexi

Now Braedon's turn.

My 3 w/Gracie.

The kids had a blast.
They were so tuckered out that once they were in their beds they were passed out sleeping in about 5 minutes!
Which was just fine w/me because I was tired too!

Have a great day!