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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Time is Here!

Sunday night I decided to set the tree up w/the kids. I didn't
worn them, just started bringing the stuff in until they realized
what I was doing. And of course they were so excited!

Rylan even tried helping it was sooo cute!
The only pic of the 13 yr. old w/her back
to me!

The finished tree!

The stockings are hung.....

This is my tree, my favorite color
of course.

Of course the house was a disaster
area w/decorations everywhere but they
had fun & that's all that matters!

Let's hope Mickey & I make it through
the next month w/listening to the 4 musical
santa's & snowmen we have that get played
about 10 ten times a day!

I have to say I am kinda excited for Christmas
this year in our new home! And so are the kids.
We will definitely have much more room in this
livingroom compared to our old one!

I also can't wait to see how Rylan acts this year.
He'll probably be more entertained w/the bows
& wrapping paper then the gifts.

I love the holidays! All the wonderful food, time
spent w/family & friends, Christmas Eve mass,
presents, watching all the Christmas cartoons
w/the kids & the best is seeing the kids faces
when they see the tree w/all the presents
Christmas morning!