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Friday, July 16, 2010

Movies, Accident, Shopping & Birthday Boy!

It's been a few days but I've been busy. Tuesday morning I did end up taking the kids to the movies at the mall. In the summer Regal cinemas has free movies in the mornings for kids. My sister & her crew & friend Kimmy & her daughter joined us. The kids had a blast & of course I loved that it was FREE! We saw Ice Age 3. After the movie we let them play some games at the arcade & walked the mall for a bit. Then we went home for lunch & naps.

Later on my oldest had a couple dance classes so I dropped her off & on our way home we were in a car accident. Everyone is fine thank god! It happened so fast I don't remember much. My kids were fooling around & fighting so I was disciplining them when BOOM we were hit. I hurried up & made sure the kids were ok & they were. I went over to ask the couple if they were alright & she said yes & then turned away from me. Never asking if my kids were ok, so I was a little peeved. Well there ended up being a witness & I was told I ran the red light. I felt horrible & stupid, I certainly didn't do it on purpose! So, I guess that's why the woman was rude to me. I understand that they were upset but I thought it was very rude to not ask if the kids were alright! That's why they call it an accident. Oh well.

After I got the kids home & settled my mom & I went over to Albany to Party City. I needed to get some more stuff for Rylan's birthday party that's on Sunday. I got a bunch of stuff at a really good price. All the kids will have some nice goody bags, I spoiled them. I feel like all I've done is shop, shop & shop for this party. It will be so worth it though!

Today is my baby boy's actual 1st birthday! He's such a good baby, smiles all the time & loves following around his sister's & brother. Hardly ever cries except for when he is hungry. The only problem I'm having is I can't get him off the breast! Having a really hard time with that but I'll figure it out hopefully. Here's a look back at this last year.

Rylan James Melle born 7/16/09 @ 1:32 p.m. 6lbs. 13 ounces
A few minutes old here.Proud Mommy & Daddy with Dr. Benner, he delivered all 4 of our children!My four babies & I.Rylan's 1st day home.1 mnth. first vacation, to Maine.6 weeksRylan's Baptism, about 4 mnths.1st Xmas9 mnths.And... 12 mnths.Happy Birthday to my handsome little boy! I love you with all my heart!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Countdown...

Well the countdown has begun towards the second milestone birthday for us this year. Our oldest turned 13 back in May & now our little baby boy Rylan will be 1 on Friday. I am still in disbelief of how quick this last year has gone by. Course I always think this way when all my kids birthdays come up. But it is true time really does go by fast. Rylan's birthday will be especially sad for me though because he is our last child. The last time we will ever have a child turn 1. So needless to say we will be having ourselves a little bash on Sunday with all of our family & friends to celebrate his birthday. It should be a fun day, just really hoping & praying it doesn't rain so we can have it outside. Along with thinking about Rylan's birthday party I also had thoughts about my Mamie (great-grandmother). She just passed away on June 20th. So I've been a little sad that she won't be there with us for his special day. I just try to think she will be there in spirit. She had a wonderful long life, she made it to 100. But it still hurts. My LuLu bell was really close to her, they had a cute little bond. One of the hardest things I ever had to do was tell her Mamie had died. But I know that we will all get through it.

On a brighter note I'm thinking of either taking the kids to the movies or the lake tommorow. My sister, her kids,Kimmy & her daughter will be tagging along with us. Whatever we end up doing we will have fun I'm sure! I love being home with my kids and having the freedom to do all these great things with them! A big thanks to the hubby for working so much so that I can be a stay at home mom! And of course the fact that it's summer is wonderful too!

Over the weekend...

Well Saturday rained pretty much all day, so it was a laid back, lazy, pajama all day kinda day. I got alot of cleaning done with some help from the kids. I've been a little lazy with cleaning the past week so it was a good day to catch up. While hubby was on his hour break in between jobs i caught Rylan on video dancing. He's not walking yet so he is sitting while he does it but it's hilarious! My first time uploading a video so I hope it works!

Since the kids chipped in yesterday to help me with the cleaning, I decided to treat them with a trip to Jeepers in Albany, NY. My friend Sam had told me about the place a couple months ago so we took the kids & they loved it. It's kinda like a Chucky Cheese but better I think. It has 5 rides, a huge jungle gym & tons of games for them to win tickets. They also a food counter. Pizza, kids meals, snacks, etc. The prices aren't too bad either! My friend Kim & her daughter Gracelyn joined us. It was their first time & they loved it as well. We spent a good 21/2 hours there. I definitely recommend this place! Here are some pics of the trip.
Braedon playing a little b-ball.
Laci rode this rollar coaster about 5 times! She loved it!Lauren & Gracie in the jungle gym.The banana ride.
The train ride.Rylan on his first train ride.An all around good day with the kiddos & great friends!