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Monday, July 12, 2010

Over the weekend...

Well Saturday rained pretty much all day, so it was a laid back, lazy, pajama all day kinda day. I got alot of cleaning done with some help from the kids. I've been a little lazy with cleaning the past week so it was a good day to catch up. While hubby was on his hour break in between jobs i caught Rylan on video dancing. He's not walking yet so he is sitting while he does it but it's hilarious! My first time uploading a video so I hope it works!

Since the kids chipped in yesterday to help me with the cleaning, I decided to treat them with a trip to Jeepers in Albany, NY. My friend Sam had told me about the place a couple months ago so we took the kids & they loved it. It's kinda like a Chucky Cheese but better I think. It has 5 rides, a huge jungle gym & tons of games for them to win tickets. They also a food counter. Pizza, kids meals, snacks, etc. The prices aren't too bad either! My friend Kim & her daughter Gracelyn joined us. It was their first time & they loved it as well. We spent a good 21/2 hours there. I definitely recommend this place! Here are some pics of the trip.
Braedon playing a little b-ball.
Laci rode this rollar coaster about 5 times! She loved it!Lauren & Gracie in the jungle gym.The banana ride.
The train ride.Rylan on his first train ride.An all around good day with the kiddos & great friends!

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