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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Laci's 8th Birthday Party

Ok, today's post is of LuLu's B-Day party on Sun.
Beware: Lots of pics!!

Laci's latest obsessions are w/peace signs & dolphins.
So, she decided she wanted a peace party.
I went online to find the paper products.
I ended up finding this set that was called Hippie Chick, they were adorable.
Of course I forgot to take a pic, but the main colors were brown, pale lime green & pink.

Next I started to think about what I was going to do for her cake.
I wanted to somehow incorporate all 3 colors.
I came up w/this:
I would do one layer chocolate & the other strawberry w/green frosting in between them.
First I baked the chocolate layer.
Once it was cooled I frosted the top w/the green frosting.

Then baked the strawberry layer.
Once it was cooled added it to the top.

This is where I got to pre-occupied & forgot to take pics of the rest of the process.
Next, I frosted the side of the cake w/brown frosting.
Then the top w/the green frosting.
I then, as you can see, did the peace sign & around the bottom of the cake in pink.
And, 3 hours later.....
What do you think?
I was pretty happy w/it!
And LuLu loved it!
Now on to pics from the party....
The food table.
You can see the plates in this pic, aren't they so pretty?!
Lots of wonderful gifts....
Pink roses Braedon picked out for her.

Cake time!
And here's what the inside of the cake looked like!
Present time!
Holding up her new Xmas dress.
W/a new cheetah coat to match!

Modeling her Xmas outfit.

And one of her coats.
Spoiled girl got 4 coats for her birthday.
The cheetah one, this one, a hot pink winter coat & a purple one that is similar to the North Face coats.
I think she has a thing for coats! LOL

W/her friend Sierra.

W/her new American Girl Doll, Kirsten.
My friend bought it from one of her friends.
She's retired so now I'll be on Ebay to try & hunt down some of the original clothes for her.
I think she's adorable!!

She also got a pink IPod shuffle (which she was so excited about), Just Dance 3 for the Wii, lots of clothes, a peace sign blanket & pillow, purple boots, just to name a few.....
We are so grateful for all the wonderful gifts that she received!
And we thank & love all of our family & friends who were there to help us celebrate our baby girl!!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Laci Turns 8!!

Tonight's post will be dedicated to Laci.
Yesterday was her 8th birthday.
We got to have her party on her actual birthday, which doesn't happen often.
Which meant I was to busy preparing for it to do a birthday post yesterday.

Laci Alexandra Melle
Nov. 13 2003
6 lbs. 11 ou
18 1/2 inches
9:10 p.m

A few pics from this past year....

Last year's Rainbow party, complete w/a rainbow cake.
If you want to check out the post & the how to on the cake, you can do so here.

St. Patty's Day.

At her first communion.

Doing acrobatics (her fav.) in the dance recital.

Crazy girl....

1st day of 3rd grade.
Last night @ her party.
8 years old!
Happy birthday baby girl!
I love you so much!

Tomorrow I will do a post about her party.