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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick or Treat!

On Sunday our local mall had trick or treating at it.
I usually take the kids every year.

Rylan as a garden knome.
Isn't the cutest costume!?
He was not happy about getting dressed up though I had to kinda of force him into it.

LuLu as a scull fairy.

And Braedon as spiderman.

My 3 w/2 of my brother's kids.

Mon. night was trick or treat.
How crazy it was that they had to trick or treat in the snow!!
Lauren was off w/a friend & Rylan had a meltdown & refused to get into his costume, so he didn't go.

I was so proud of Braedon because....
Trick or Treat is from 5-7 here.
The kids all came back about 10 after 6 complaining of being cold, but Braedon didn't want to stop!
So, Daddy took him back out until 7!
We were all laughing because here he is only 5 & lasted longer then his sister & 3 cousins who are 8 & 9 yrs. old!!

The kids got so much candy that I had to take some of the chocolate bars & freeze them so they won't go through it all too fast!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Snow..... in October!

We've had a really weird week here in the Berkshire's.
Last Thursday, Oct.27th we had our first snow!
I was NOT a happy person!
I mean seriously, in Oct., before Halloween?!
My kids on the other hand were excited!
We didn't get much but then we heard on the news how we were going to get a snow storm on Sat.!

So, here are a few pics of our first snow.

Rylan all bundled up & ready to play.

My kids like to slide down the door, I know a little strange.....

Braedon making his first snow angel.

Laci w/the first little snowman.

The front of our house.

How crazy, the leaves still on the tree's w/snow!!
It really was pretty though I do have to admit.

Rylan watching his brother & sister play.

I didn't get any pics of Saturday's storm, I was too busy hiding out in the house trying to stay warm!
We ended up getting something like 18 inches of snow!
It was nuts!