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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick or Treat!

On Sunday our local mall had trick or treating at it.
I usually take the kids every year.

Rylan as a garden knome.
Isn't the cutest costume!?
He was not happy about getting dressed up though I had to kinda of force him into it.

LuLu as a scull fairy.

And Braedon as spiderman.

My 3 w/2 of my brother's kids.

Mon. night was trick or treat.
How crazy it was that they had to trick or treat in the snow!!
Lauren was off w/a friend & Rylan had a meltdown & refused to get into his costume, so he didn't go.

I was so proud of Braedon because....
Trick or Treat is from 5-7 here.
The kids all came back about 10 after 6 complaining of being cold, but Braedon didn't want to stop!
So, Daddy took him back out until 7!
We were all laughing because here he is only 5 & lasted longer then his sister & 3 cousins who are 8 & 9 yrs. old!!

The kids got so much candy that I had to take some of the chocolate bars & freeze them so they won't go through it all too fast!


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