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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Need Some Advice.....

Okay, here's my 1st dilemma, My 4 year old son will NOT go poo on the potty! He does well with pee but refuses with poo. I've tried everything I can think of. I've yelled, tried to ignore it, put him in underwear & he doesn't care will just poo in it, tried putting a diaper back on him (he didn't care), bribing him doesn't even work! I'm going a little crazy here! Braedon goes to pre-school & takes a tumble/pre-ballet class & can hold it through those things so I know he can do it, he just refuses! Now he has done poo before on the potty about 3 or 4 times & after each time I made a huge deal out of it. Like clapping, jumping up & down, telling him how proud I was of him & giving him candy & he still refuses to go! I don't get it. He doesn't really say he's scared of it just doesn't want to do it. Well I am tired of changing 2 kids diapers, his brother is almost 18 months. Plus my husband was hurt at work recently & is out of work so we really can't keep affording 2 sets of diapers/pull-up's a week! So, I would love any advice you can give me!!!!

2nd dilemma, my 7 year old, Laci is a really, really picky eater! Recently when I just took her to her check-up I was told they were worried because her body mass weight had gone from being in the 50th % to the 15th%. I told them she's a terrible eater. The only vegetable's this kid will eat are cucumbers, black olives & carrots that are not cooked. She will very rarely try anything new. She does like most fruit. Pretty much all this child will eat is pizza, mac & cheese, chicken, buttered pasta (won't even eat it w/sauce), p.b. sandwiches( hates jelly), cereal(would eat it every night for dinner if I let her), any breakfast stuff she does eat. So, I was told by the doctor if she refuses to eat dinner then I need to let her get something else like cereal, or bread & butter, etc.. but that she has to do it herself! Now this is kinda hard for me because I was brought up if you don't eat what's in front of you then you go to bed w/out. That's how I am pretty much. I'm not quite as strict as my parents were, I do give in to her & let her have something else but I just try to teach my children that this is not a restaurant. But obviously now that her health is kinda at risk I will let her have what she wants for now. So, I would love any advice, supper ideas & recipes you can shoot my way!!!


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  4. Can't help you with the pooping, but here are some suggestions to at least make the foods she does like healthier (and get more veggies/ protein in.

    Make your own pizza and for your sauce, puree a bunchof veggies into the sauce, like broccoli, peas, squash, etc. Trust me, they won't know it's there.
    For mac and cheese (if she'll eat the not-from a box kind), boil some cauliflower, mash it, and mix it in before baking. Adds essential vitamins and fiber.
    I'm a vegetarian and am very conscious of how much protein I get. If I think I'm not getting enough, I will mix in tofu with something else. If you get the soft kind, it will mix in with basically anything. You'll need to experiment a little wiht how much you can put in there, but it really doesn't have any flavor and no one (but you) will know it's there.

  5. Thanks! I'll have to try those recipes!!!! :)


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