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Friday, January 7, 2011

Kitchen/Dining Room/Living Room Makeover!

A week before Christmas the hubby & I were told by my mother-in-law & sister-in-law that we needed to leave the house for the day. I kind of had a feeling it had to do w/the kitchen/dining room. We figured they were painting it for us. The colors that the previous owners had were absolutely hideous! The majority of the room (kitchen/dining-1 big room) was ready for this...mint green & the bottom of the walls under the trim was teal green! Maybe it's just me but what would possess someone to use those 2 colors together? Of course I can't stand mint green anyway, but still! So, before I left that morning I took a few before pictures in case I was right about my guess. And boy am I glad I did. When I got the phone call to come home I was shocked, excited, etc... They did way more then we thought! We all loved what they did!


And...Ta Da...After!

The top color they used is called Shaker Tan & the bottom is a new color called Pomegranate.

They really went all out even getting the tablecloth & placemats for the table!

My new chalkboard! In love with it!

Then I was told to go into the living room & check it out. I don't have before pics because this was really a total surprise! They added some much needed accessories! Basically the curtains, rug, lamps & pillows are new.

I was sooo happy with the transformation! So cozy now! Next I'm going to ask my sis-in-laws boyfriend if he can continue the Shaker Tan color right through into the living room for the finishing touch!



  1. Wow! Very nice! Can you get them to come decorate my house too? ;-)

  2. Thanks! I know I've had a few people ask the same! lol


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