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Friday, January 14, 2011

Some Reorganizing......

I've seen on quite a few blogs that I follow how organized some people are. I'm not always the most organized person! I have my days, some days I'm a clean freak then other times I'll go days w/out doing anything. In a way some of these blogs have inspired me to get my house more organized. With a family of 6 I've come to realize I really need to do this! Maybe it will actually inspire my kids to follow in my footsteps, haha a girl can only hope!

I started w/the cabinet under the sink. It was a mess! So I went searching through the house for some baskets, which I found more than I realized I had!

After! So much neater now!

Next was the pantry. It was a disaster! Things were everywhere, no real place for things!

After! I was so proud of the job I did.

All pans & things I don't use that often up on the higher shelves, all the canned food on one shelf, all the spices are now together in a basket, all the sugar,flour& brown sugar are together in a basket.

All the pans I use a lot are now together, napkins in a pretty basket for easy access & all the foil, plastic baggies, etc. together in a basket. And the floor is clutter free!

Much better! Now I need to organize the rest of the house!


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  1. Looks great. I SO need to do some organization in my pantry & under the kitchen sink...add in the master bathroom under the sink cabinets, too! lol


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