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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve!

I LOVE Christmas time!!

Our day started w/hubby & I having to take off in the morning to do some last minute shopping. The oldest needed another gift, which ended up being another pair of uggs. That's right plural, she received 2 pairs this year, 1 from us 1 from Santa. We also got Braedon's present from "us" & a few more stocking stuff. Then it was off to work for hubby. 12-6 for him that day.

Once I got home I just started getting all the kids & myself ready for 4 o'clock mass. I am actually pretty proud of my kids for being well behaved in church this year. I did have to speak to them a few times to whisper but overall they were good. I love going to church on Christmas Eve. It's dark when you get there and then once 4 o'clock hits, poof father hits the light switch & the whole church is lit up w/all the beautiful Christmas lights! All the children ohh & ahh. I was sitting there wondering why I didn't think to bring my camera to capture that moment! Hopefully I remember next year!

Once mass is over we went & got hubby from work & brought the kids home so they could open their presents from us. We do this every year, let them open 1 gift each on Christmas Eve. I love watching the excitement on their faces!

Braedon loving his new remote controlled car!

LuLu was super happy w/her new PURPLE scooter!
Even the 13 yr. old was happy! She didn't want me to take her pic as usual but I didn't listen.

Once hubby was all cleaned & changed we headed over to my Aunt Debbie's house for her annual Christmas Eve bash! She makes awesome food! One of my favorite parts of the night! Lots of fun spent w/all the extended family!

Here Rylan is playing w/my cousin Becky's little boy, Jonathan.

LuLu posing in her "party" dress!
Daddy w/Braedon.
Lauren w/Aunt Debbie
Wish I had been able to take more pics of the night, but i just get so busy chit chatting, eating & chasing the little one around!

After we left there we did go to hubby's aunts for a little bit also. We didn't stay long though, the kids were tired & wanted to hurry up & get home so they could go to bed! And let me tell you they must have been exausted because we all totally forgot to put cookies & milk out for Santa & to sprinkle the reindeer food out on the lawn like we had planned! The hubby & I on the other hand didn't get to bed until 3 am because of course I waited until the last minute to wrap everything! I never learn!

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