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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day!

Christmas Morning

What Santa left.
I always take a pic before I go to bed in case I forget to in the morning.
Some pretty lucky kids if I do say so myself!

The girls were up at 6:00 a.m. but I made them wait till 6:30, that was the longest I could hold them off for. So we dragged the boys out of bed & headed down the stairs. Of course I made them wait at the top of the stairs until I put the tree lights on & was camera ready. Then BOOM, they pounded down the stairs in about 2 seconds flat! Too cute! LuLu was the fastest at opening all her gifts. So, then she just helped Rylan with his.

Mickey's (hubby) father & step-mom came over at 7:30 to see what they got from Santa & give the kids their goodies. They gave Braedon a karaoke machine, he was so funny singing. He told me today, "Mom, Grandpa Dave gave me a karaoke machine because he thinks I should sing! So, I'm gonna!" I was cracking up!

Braedon all smiles about his new bike!

LuLu w/her webkinz she loves them, has about 25 of them!

Rylan spotted this & took off with it. It was so cute!

LuLu sooo excited she got the Bitty Boy Twins she asked for!

This was definitely a "Toy Story" Christmas for Braedon. Almost everything he received had to do w/Toy Story & he couldn't have been happier about that!

Lauren w/her new pan-digital. She was VERY happy!

I love this pic!

Grandma's house!
Yeah can you say Holy Crap!
My mom goes way overboard on us kids, spouses & grandkids!
She's the BEST!

Lauren's new Vera Bradley school bag! Can you tell she loved it!?

These are the stockings my mom fills for all 9 grandchildren! They are HUGE! This is probably the kids favorite part of Grandma's Christmas morning.

Back at our house later on that day w/Hubby's family. I'm sad to say we were so busy putting on dinner that I didn't get a chance to take many pics. Which if you know me at all I was not happy w/myself for not getting more! Here in this pic are all of hubby's mom's grandkids, there are 9 on this side as well.

Overall it was a great Christmas, crazy busy but really good!
Full of laughter, excitement, great food, wonderful gifts & time spent with family!
I feel very blessed!
Here's to hoping that everyone else had a wonderful Christmas!!

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