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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Cookie Decorating Party!

A couple weeks ago I came up with the idea to have a cookie decorating party for the kids. I figured a nice way to get all the cousins & my friends kids together to celebrate the holidays.My friends & I came up with having it on the 23rd so they could use the cookies to put out for Santa. We also put together the reindeer food bags for each child to take home. I sent out little invites to all the kids about a week before so they were all pretty excited.

Rylan even tried it out!

These are Lauren's cookies, of course she wouldn't let me take her pic.Here are some more of the kids masterpieces.

And here's some of the kids after they are all sugared up!
I'm so happy the party was a huge success! I will definitely be doing this every year for now on; my newest holiday tradition!

Reindeer Food

1. Oats
2. Glitter or confetti

mix together in bowl & distribute
evenly in a baggie. So simple! On
Christmas Eve before you put your
child/children to bed take them out-
side to spread on your front lawn.
The story is-the oats are for the rein-
deer to eat & the glitter/confetti guides
Santa to your house!


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