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Monday, July 19, 2010

Rylan's 1st Birthday Party

We had Rylan's b-day party yesterday. It turned out to be a great day! The rain held off all day which was good because my husbands father & step mother rented a bouncy house for the day for us. The kids all had a blast bouncing all day. I don't know where they all get the energy from! I went in a couple times & tired quickly! haha Must be getting old. We had lots of food, thanks to mostly the hubby for all his good cooking. After we were done eating the kids were anxious to get to the pinata. The theme of his party was monkeys so of course the pinata was a monkey head. It's histerical watching the kids go after all the candy & goodies once it is broken open. Then it was cake time. Rylan loved eating & playing with his cake & I got some good pictures. Then it was on to the gifts. He received lots of clothes & toys! So many new outfits we have to now get him a bigger dresser for everything! But we are so grateful & thankful for everything he got! And can't wait to start dressing him in all his new clothes!

The Blue's Clues Bouncy.The banner I had made for his party.The framed picture I had for everyone to write their own little message to him.The cute little monkey pinata before the kiddos all got their hands on it.Rylan's cake, it came out really nice.Daddy & the birthday boy.Rylan with his blow-up monkey. He was getting tired at this point so he didn't really want his picture takenMommy & the birthday boy.Rylan loving his cake!Enjoying all his new toys!All in all it was a great day for both Rylan & all of us!

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