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Saturday, July 12, 2014

My Gallery Wall

  Gallery walls are one of my favorite things to see in people's houses. We have been in this house for 3 1/2 years now & have wanted to do one for quite a while now. I actually had one in our apartment before this house. I guess being a photographer & obsessed with taking/displaying pictures is most likely the reason it's one of my favorite things. I knew I wanted to do it on the wall going up our stairs to the second floor. I actually had started it like 5 months ago & finally just finished it a couple weeks ago. I decided to have all the frames be either black or white. We have tan walls so those 2 colors really pop. Most of the frames I already had except for a few which I just picked up at the Goodwill. Most of the black frames were already black but as far as the white ones I had to spray paint those. Have you ever tried to buy white frames? They are definitely not as popular in the stores as black ones. It's ok with me though because I love to spray paint! And now for the pics! I took a lot but it's because of the wall on the other side it can be tricky to take pictures.

I LOVE how it came out! My kids love to look at all the pictures too. Sooo what do you all think? Hope you enjoyed checking out my gallery wall! Have a good night!

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