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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The 2nd Annual Melle Christmas Cookie Decorating Party!

I'm back!
How was everyone's Christmas?
Ours was great!
I haven't done a post since the 17th, feels like forever!
I just didn't have the time w/all the last minute prep. before Christmas & w/the kids being out of school.

Today's post will be some pics from my kid's Christmas cookie decorating party.
I started this last year & it was such a hit that it is now going to be one of our traditions!

I set up 2 tables, 1 in the dining room & 1 in the living room because we had like 16 kids coming so 1 table was def. not enough.
My girls & I made a ton of cookies in all different shapes, we had stockings, trees, sleigh's, stars, wreaths & many more. My best friend Carrie also made a couple dozen as well. So, needless to say we prob had almost 200 cookies!
My mother & I bought a ton of frosting, sprinkles, candies & whatever else we could find to use for decorating them.
First I ordered 3 party size pizzas so we could all eat dinner first then onto the decorating!

Even the adults got in on the decorating!

LuLu being crazy!

Some of the masterpieces!
I bought each family a Santa plate from the Dollar Tree for them to take their cookies home on.

I also made up individual baggies of Reindeer food for each family to take home w/them.
Really simple, just oats & red & gold glitter.

I found these cute little printable tags online.
Printed them out, punched 2 holes in them, added them to the zip lock bags w/some green ribbon & added each family name on them.
Then before they left, they could just go find their name & take it w/them.

I tried to get a pic of all the kids before everyone left but it wasn't possible.
This is one of as many as I could get together.

The kids all had a blast!
It was definitely great being able to get all of them together to celebrate Christmas!
Now I can't wait to do it again next year!


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