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Thursday, April 7, 2011

My New Wall & Another Dresser Redo

Ok, I know I've gone crazy with the whole spray painting the dressers in my house but I'm on a roll, so why stop now. LOL This is one of LuLu's dressers, all of her furniture is white except for 1 dresser. As you can see it was definitely due for some freshening up! It actually was originally in Braedon's room at the old house but put it in her room when we moved here.

And the after, just a fresh coat of white paint & then I did the knobs in the same purple that I used on her headboard which you can see here.

Now this wall is in my living room & had nothing on it. Originally I was trying to find some piece of artwork to put here. I did see many pictures I liked but usually they were out of my price range. Then I remembered I had these shelves my mom had given me. So up they went.

The 2 pics below the shelves I took....

The love pic I also did myself. The lamp hubby bought me at Pier 1 many years ago.

The dancer tealight candle holder was a gift from my mom for Christmas. The sign is from the Family Dollar. The glass is from our wedding.

And again.....

As always please tell me what you think. And one question, underneath the middle shelf should I hang something like a smaller pic or some sort of sign or do you think that will be too much? Let me know what you all think!



  1. Super cute! I am in need of some decorating at my house. I really like the space under the middle shelf. :)

  2. I think a sign would be too much. :) I like the "LOVE" pic.

  3. I love the little saying on the picture at the top left. I've never seen it before. I would leave a space under the middle shelf. I really like it the way it is.


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