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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rememebering 9/11

September 11th Pictures, Images and Photos

Do you remember where you were & what you were doing when you heard of the attacks on the twin towers?

I do. Like most people I remember everything about that day as though it was yesterday! Mickey & I were living on Lenox Ave. at the time with Lauren. She was 4 & our only child at the time. Hubby was sleeping, I was up getting Lauren ready for daycare, which was across the street for us. The news was on & I was also on the phone with my best friend, Carrie. As we were chit chatting, all of a sudden they started showing how the first tower was hit. Well they didn't know yet it was because of a plane. So, I'm telling Carrie to turn on the news & check it out, she was trying to get the t.v. away from the kids (cartoons). And I saw the second plane coming! I started screaming for her to hurry up & turn the news on & for mickey to get up & see this! Lauren even came out of her room, asking "what's the matter mommy?" I tried explaining it the best I could. She had many questions! I remember I was kinda in a daze, disbelief that this was happening as I brought Lauren to daycare & went to work. At the time I was working as a waitress/hostess at Kimball Farms. After work I picked Lauren up from daycare & went to Mt. Greylock Nursing Home to see my parents, who are both nurses & working there at the time. My father was in the Coast Guard. I'll never forget walking in to my mom's office, my mom, dad, & co-workers Rosealie& Jane were in there. My dad was just staring at the t.v., eyes red, in shock just shaking his head, saying "I can't believe they did this, we are going to end up at war!" My mom crying because she was nervous that my dad was going to get called. Me just standing there not knowing what to say.

I watched some of  the news today that was showing the original airing of the news that day. It just all comes flooding back everytime I see it. Lauren came in & watched a little to with me. I asked her if she remembers any of that day, but she doesn't really. I thought she would have but then again she was only 4.

RIP to all those who lost their lives that day! And God Bless their families! I will NEVER FORGET!

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