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Friday, July 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Yesterday I thought it would be a nice idea to head up to the State Forest for a picnic & a swim. My sister & her family & my mom came too. So we packed up the kids & food & went. The kids were all excited, till we got there & were told that there was alot of leaches & their eggs in the water. I was not about to be picking leaches off my kids so I told them they couldn't go in. They were not happy but didn't want to go in either cause my kids are kind of like me & do not like bugs! We still ate our dinner there & the kids ran around & explored a little. It started to get quite buggy so we decided to head to Dalton park for a while, then after we were done playing we went & got ice cream. Rylan was cute he kept trying to take my ice cream cone away from me.

Today I was exploring other blogs & came across the Sullengers. I actually found this blog through another one who mentioned them. Ashley & Patrick are going through one of the most terrible things a parent can go through....the loss of their baby girl, Preslee. Around July 4th she fell into a canal, she was pulled out & held on for a couple weeks but ultimitely went on to heaven. Of course I was balling as I was reading the blog, I couldn't even imagine the pain the two of them are going through! I hope to god I never will! Another thing that got to me was she passed on the 16th, Rylan's birthday. It just really made me think how life can change so quick! And how thankful I am for my time spent with my kids! I will be praying for them & ask that you do also! Here is the link to their blog http://patrickandashley.blogspot.com/. Check it out & send them your prayers!

This is little Preslee. Click on the link below & it will bring you to their page.

Preslee's Song

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