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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family Time at the Park

Monday after dinner we took the kids to the park at Crosby where my daughter goes to school. Braedon had taken a late nap and I knew if we didn't take him somewhere to have him run off some energy he would be up till 11 or 12. We pretty much had the park to ourselves which is always nice. Lauren even joined in a little, I asked her to help tire Braedon out. Mickey doesn't work Mon. nights so he was with us as well. Lauren & Laci were making him follow them like an obstacle course, it was too funny & I got some silly pics of my hubby. We had a really good time with lots of laughs. Here are some of the pics from our night.

Lauren making crazy faces on purpose cause I was taking pictures.

Yup, that's me.

Braedon making daddy go down the slide. He could hardly fit it was funny!

My little model.

Loving the swing.

Yesterday I took the kids to the free movies again. Third week in a row. They like going, good thing it's free! After dinner & Lauren was done with dance we took them for ice cream & again took them to the park. This time we went to Egremont school. I swear I could take these kids to the park everyday & they wouldn't care. Well except Lauren, she's getting to "old" now. And the baby is too cute when we go, he just watches them with such intensity. Kicking his feet & laughing. Can't wait till he's walking & can join in the fun!

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