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Friday, July 23, 2010

Rasberry Picking

My sister & I took our kids rasberry picking today at Lakeview Orchards. Tons of rasberries to choose from and the kids had fun. It was a good day to do it, not too hot and a nice breeze.
Rylan testing out the rasberries.Lauren My nephew Colby, listening to his mother's mp3 player while picking.BraedonLuLu BellMy niece, Isabella who ate almost everyone she picked! Too darn cute.Braedon with the whole batch we picked.All the kids minus Lauren cause she didn't want her picture taken. She gets annoyed sometimes when I want to take pictures. She says I'm obsessed! Yeah I say, I know I am!Now I just gotta figure out what to make with all these!

Later on after dinner I got the kids dressed in some nicer clothes and took them out to take their pictures. I had to bribe them with slush puppies & ice cream if they were good and let me do the pics. They aren't always willing so sometimes a little bribery goes along way! Here are a few of them.
Then as promised I took them to Dairy Queen, a nice way to end the evening.

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