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Friday, September 30, 2011

Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

Yesterday was such a crappy day out here in the Berkshire's!
All it did was downpour just about all day long.
It's been raining a LOT lately!

Well, I had forgotten to pull something out for dinner & still have a ton of apples, so I decided to make some apple cinnamon pancakes.
Good comfort food on a rainy day!
My kids absolutely love having breakfast for dinner!
I do it usually once a week.

Now mine are nothing special....
I use box mix, I just don't have the time to make them from scratch w/4 rugrats running around,lol.
Here are my ingredients.

I just follow the package directions.
add 2 cap fulls of vanilla extract.
add a dash or two of cinnamon(however much you like).
dice up the 2 apples.

add the apples to the mix.

And cook.
We just use butter & syrup.
But you could also use some applesauce on top, I've done that before too & it's also yummy!

Rye Rye devouring his pancakes!

I love adding all sorts of things to my pancakes!
I've made strawberry, rasberry, blueberry, mixed berry ones, straw. banana ones.....
I told my husband before if we ever do someday open up a little diner, I'm in charge of the pancakes!

Do you eat breakfast for dinner in your house?
What kinds of pancakes do you make?

Have a great weekend!


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