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Friday, August 26, 2011

Ideas/Advice Appreciated!

This little man will be turning 5 on Sept. 12.

Trying to plan his birthday party.
We've come up with a beach party theme.
The invites will say:

Your Invited to
Braedon's Beach Party Bash!

Come dressed in your beach attire!

Would love & appreciate any ideas/advice on decor, games, etc... for this theme!

So come on help a girl out!


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  1. Treasure hunt: You could bury little treasures in sand, and have the kids sift for it. It would be messy, though. You could put their snacks or treats in cheap dollar store sand pails. I also like those old-fashioned fishing game, you know the one with a fishing pole and a clothespin on the end...the kids "fish" over a sheet....


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