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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Halloween in August

Last Saturday at my mom's campground it was Halloween in August.
The kids love this!
All I heard about for a week before was them trying to figure out what they were going to dress as.
And this is what they decided on:
Dalmation for Rye.

Black Cat for LuLu.

And Woody for Braedon.
Lauren didn't dress up this year.

Braedon & Isabella (my niece)

In the process of trick or treating.

Here all the kids line up to get their costumes judged.
Mine didn't win anything this year.
Isabella won for cutest though!

Colby (my nephew)

There was hayrides....

Arcade time....

Lauren, My sister & Braedon acting silly.

Then the Haunted House.
It's not really that scary, but the kids have fun running through it & trying to scare each other!

And of course they ended up w/lots of candy!

Have a great day all!


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  1. That sounds so fun! That little dalmation is extra cute. :)


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