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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mom's Suprise 60th B-Day Party!

My mom's 60th birthday was on April 30th. She had told us many times she didn't want a party but we didn't listen! My brother's, sister & I decided to plan it for a few weeks later on May15th. We wanted to show how much we love & appreciate her & everything she has done for us over the years! So, after weeks of planning w/family & friends it ended up turning out to be a great time! It would have been a little better if the weather was a tad nicer but we made the best of it! I had actually prayed to my Mamie to try & help out w/the weather if she could & wouldn't you know about an hour later the rain stopped for a few hours! Thanks again Mamie!

Now on to the pics. I do wish I had gotten more then I took but I was a little busy.

This poem I had found at the Goodwill, but it had a ugly gold frame so I spray painted it yellow, my mom's fav. color, to spruce it up.

Here's the poem close up.
Yup, made mom cry.

This is the picture collage my sister & I did for her.

My brother took charge of ordering the cake. This guy is awesome!
He comes to your house & sets it up for you. I took pics of the whole process.

My mother goes on a Maine shopping trip every year w/all her sister's & friends & the joke is she is the queen of the group, so we used that as the theme of her party.

My aunt added the flowers to it for that extra touch of yellow.
Can you say GORGEOUS!

The birthday girl arriving!

Checking out her cake for the first time.

My aunt & 2 cousins

Being silly....

Mom w/her sister, niece & best friend.

I had asked my aunt to be in charge of the decorations. She is really good at it!

I had done this a few years ago for Mother's Day, so I used it on one of the food tables.

Getting ready to cut the cake....

Oh my the cake was soooo good!
The bottom layer was lemon rasberry & the other two were chocolate w/choc. buttercream.

Happy Birthday to the best MOM out there!!!!


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