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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bathroom Trash Pail Makeover!

I've been thinking about making the little trash can in our half bath over for a while now.
So, last night was the night I decided to attempt it.
Here is the pail before:

This is the shower curtain.
Notice the pretty leaf design, you will see I end up using part of it.

The piece of fabric....

I used this Elmer's spray adhesive glue I had on hand.
Wrapped the fabric around the can, smoothing it out as I went.
Then glued it along the bottom.

Bottom finished.

Once it was all dry, I cut a piece of the leaf design out & glued it on to the front of the can.
And ta da!
I think I did pretty good.
Much prettier then the before that's for sure!
What do you think?

Here in the bathroom....

I figured I would give you a little tour of my small but cute bathroom.
It's not totally finished, the wall color is a cream colored, which I do not like because w/the purple accessories it makes the walls look pink.
When we have the extra cash I will be painting it a pail grey.
I just love grey & purple together!

My godmother bought this for me at one our local craft fairs.

Love this sign my mom bought me for Christmas.

My sis gave this to me for my birthday one year.

My little shelf. I still gotta paint it white, when I get a chance.

This cute little teapot came from my Mamie house.
I still remember seeing it in her apartment when I was a kid!

I have this displayed on my sink.

The cute little night light.

And again the whole bathroom....

Have a great Sunday all!

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  1. That is such a good idea. Nice trashcans for the bath can be expensive. That is a great solution, it looks great!

  2. Very nice job on the trashcan! Love the purple and can't wait to see it once you get the walls painted grey. I think that will look awesome!

  3. Super cute! Fanciest trash can I've ever seen :)

  4. Thank you for a sweet comment!
    Great job on the bathroom!

  5. Your bathroom looks great! I love the trash can! Weird, I just noticed your son's name..my daughter's name is Rilynn James!


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