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Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring has Sprung...Finally!

As LuLu & I were leaving this morning to walk her to school we noticed these pretty flowers had bloomed!

Makes me so happy!

To me this means Spring really is here!

It has taken a bit longer for us here in the Berkshires.....

Better late then never though, right?!

Now I must go do some Spring cleaning.....

And also get my house ready for LuLu's BIG day on Sunday!

She makes her 1st communion!

Lots of cleaning & cooking to get done for the big party we will have for her afterwards!

I probably won't be back until Sunday night when I will post some pics of her big day.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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  1. Whooo, hoo, looks lovely! Gorgeous day here in the Carolinas!


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