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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend!

Ok here are all the pics I promised.....

BEWARE though lots of pics!!

Our weekend started off Friday night with coloring eggs with their cousins. (My sister & brother's kids)

A few of LuLu's eggs.

I tried to teach Rye how to do the whole egg thing but it didn't work out, he kept trying to eat it. LOL So, I gave him some jello to keep him occupied, he made a nice mess as you can see.

Braedon was hysterical, every egg he did was blue, his favorite color!

The oldest not to happy w/me taking her pic. Oh well, I told her....

So proud of all their eggs!
Saturday night my sister had us over for pizza & Easter cookie decorating.

Look at the concentration.....

All set & ready for the Easter Bunny to come.....

Laci didn't fall asleep until about 11:30 that night! Which means Mickey & I were up until like about 1:00 in the morning filling eggs & setting up the baskets!

I know, I go overboard.
I had told myself I was going to cut down but that never happened.

Lauren's basket

Laci's basket

Braedon's basket

Rylan's basket

The letter the Easter Bunny left.....

Normally we don't get the kids anything from "us" but Laci had seen this stuff in the back of the van because I had forgotten to cover it up. So, I ended up having to buy some more stuff for the baskets. I told them we got them some things this year because we had felt bad that their spring vacay from school was so blah (the weather pretty much sucked the whole week & we were stuck indoors for most of it). It was the only thing I could think of to come up with to tell her. It worked though, she totally bought it!

We filled about 60 eggs & hid them all through out the livingroom.

We went to church that morning. And the Easter Bunny showed up. Laci, Braedon & my niece Isabella w/the bunny.

Here they all are at my mom's waiting to start the egg hunt.

Rye was so cute. He got a few eggs, but had more fun trying to follow after all the kids.

Um... Yeah....do you think my kids got enough eggs?
And I still haven't even emptied them all yet!

This is the group minus Lauren (cuz she was being a pain not wanting to get in the pic) & my other brother's baby wasn't there yet.

It was quite a busy weekend!
Filled with lots of food, laughs, craziness & fun!!
I was definitely pooped though by Sunday night! My kids were too, they pretty much all passed right out when we put them to bed!

I hope everyone had as great of a weekend as we did!!


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  1. Allison, the kids look so adorable in their Easter duds! Love it! Thanks for sharing all the pictures with us. I know how time consuming that is, and I appreciate it!

    Ricki Jill


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