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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I Found Today....

Okay, I'm really starting to think I have a problem! I think I have become ADDICTED to going to the Goodwill & Salvation Army to find things to "make" beautiful for the house! I see all these other people doing it & want to join in the fun too! I used to shop @ the Salvation Army all the time when I was younger but kinda got out of it for a while, being to busy w/the kids/life & all. Anyway, I only found 2 things I liked today.

I collect Precious Moments, so of course when I saw this one for $5 bucks I bought it!

Then I saw this rack, didn't quite know what I was gonna use it for but for .99 cents I figured what the heck!

Here she is in her new home w/all of the rest of my collection.

Now for the rack I had pretty much assumed I would use it to display some cute dishes. I don't really have much wall space left in the kitchen/dining room, so I decided to grab the 2 sunflower plates I have & see if they fit. And they fit beautifully! My back porch/mud room is a pale yellow & I have it decorated w/a few sunflower items. Anybody who knows me knows they are one of my favorite flowers! I think it looks great, perfect spot in between 2 of the windows! What do ya think?

Not bad for $6.00!

Have a great Wednesday all!



  1. Hey Allison, what great finds, I wish we had a GW or Salvation Army, ~sigh~.
    I love sunflowers too, and these plates are wonderful, how sweet is this, fit's perfect in your new rack, I love to re-purpose don't you!

  2. Very nice! I once cleaned a house for a man whose wife had passed away. She had the most incredible Precious Moments collection I have ever seen!
    The are so cute, aren't they? I cross stitched one of their designs once. =)
    I am a thrift store addict myself. Especially since I sell on ebay!


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