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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bargain Shopping!

We received our State refund check yesterday so we took the kids to Super Bounce at our local mall. After we did a little shopping. And I am so excited because I got some great deals! First we went into Target because I've been wanting to buy the Instyler Flat Iron for a while now but couldn't afford the $100 price of it normally. We get to where they are & I see there is a red clearance sticker on it, the price said $70 because it had been repackaged. Well the 13 yr. old was not liking the idea of getting it if it had been on someone elses head. So we called over a worker who informed us the packaging had been ruined a little through the mail, therefore they had to fix it in the store & sell it for less because of that. I was like Yippee! $30 less, heck yah! Next we went to get the hubby new sneakers that he desperately needed in the Shoe Dept. He got these New Balances for $35 normally $50!

Then Lauren wanted to check out Journey because they were having a boot sale. Not that I was planning on buying her any but told her she could look around. Then we got in there & LuLu saw these cute pink ugg shoes that she had seen before & wanted, but I refused to buy them for her because they were $70 bucks! Well the male employee informed us they were on sale for $40. So of course she begged us for them, batted her eyes at Daddy & he gave in of course! They are adorable on her & she was super excited! Especially because I had originally told her no uggs until she was 10. But I really couldn't pass up this deal!

Of course Lauren has been wanting a pair of these ugg slippers too. She really wanted them in tan but they were not on sale only the black were for $ 70 originally $100. So we gave in again & bought her them. Spoiled these 2 girls are I tell you! It's worth it though to see them so happy & they did thank us right away, a few times actually!
Sometimes I'm so good at finding deals & I LOVE it! Altogether the items would have normally cost me $320 but I paid $215. A savings of $105!!! YaY!!



  1. I still have not spent my Christmas gift cards yet.....*sighs*

  2. Oh I def. would have spent them by now! lol those things burn a hole in my pocket!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! Those look super cozy!


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