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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fun in the Snow!

After Lauren got back from dance today the kids decide they wanted to go out & play in the snow. They were happy that there was finally enough snow to play in. We have had a little snow before but nothing really worth getting all "dressed" up for, at least not in my kids eyes anyway. So I got them all suited up & ready to go.

This was Rylan's first time out in the snow to play. It's so funny when they are this little, all bundled up, trying to walk without falling. Here this was when I first brought him out & he just seemed mesmerized with it, probably not quite knowing what to do.
The other three welcoming him out.
The smile, he likes it!!
Braedon showing me how to "make" a snow angel.

My kids are too funny. All this snow to play in & they realize the cellar doors have a thin sheet of ice on them, so they decided to use them as a slide!
Rylan of course wanting to try as well, he loved it!
Lauren chasing Rye. He was all over the place, exploring. He kept trying to go near the road though so Lauren & I had to constantly be right behind him.
It was nice to actually have our own nice yard to play in. Maybe next time we will venture over across the street to the park or the field area. Santa might just have to bring them some new sleds!

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