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Monday, December 20, 2010

Forever in Our Hearts....

Yesterday was the 6 month anniversary of my Mamie's (great-grandmother) passing. This post is a tribute to her!! She was 100 years old. She was a beautiful, warm, happy, loving person. She has 1 daughter, 4 grand-daughters, 12 great-grandchildren & 14 great-great grandchildren(now there is 16). A HUGE accomplishment in one's life, how many people really live to see 14 great-great grandchildren? Not many. She loved all of us so much! Never judged any of us! Made awesome whoopie pies. The best potato salad. Made beautiful blankets, sweaters & booties everytime a new baby came into the world! A wonderful crafter & sewer. (I inherited her sewing machine) Was the first one at a family party & the last to leave. She lived on her own until she was 97, (until she had her first stroke). She was still golfing right up until then as well! She had a boyfriend who was about 20 years younger! Mamie was one heck of a woman & I miss her terribly!

Mamie & I @ my aunts wedding, about
a month before she passed.

With Rylan @ his baptism.

With LuLu @ her 5th birthday party
Her & LuLu had a special little bond!

With Lauren @ her 12th B-Day.

Lauren, LuLu, Alora & Jake w/Mamie.

All of us Great Grandchildren, minus 1
w/Mamie @ her 100th B-Day party.

Mamie w/all the Great-Great Grandchildren.
With her daughter & granddaughters.
With my cousin Becky's baby, Johnathan.
With Rylan & my cousin Becky last Xmas.
With LuLu last Xmas opening the gift we gave her.
My 5 generation picture.
RIP Theresa Ann Messenger-(Mamie)
March 1910-June 2010
Forever in our hearts!!

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