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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Catch-up!

Life in the Melle house has been a little crazy to say the least! Yes still unpacking but also dealing with sick children! Lauren was out of school & dance since last Tuesday until this past Tues. She has pneumonia. The coughing is nuts, I feel so bad for her. She coughs so bad she gags half the time! They finally gave me an antibiotic Mon. LuLu had the pukes and now has the cough. And Rylan has had VERY high fevers for 2 nights! I have 4 kids & don't usually freik when my kids get fevers but one of the nights it was 104 under the arm! It did break pretty quickly once I gave him medicine though!

Last Wednesday night I took the 3 little ones to my mother's work,(Mt. Greylock Nursing Home) the residents were putting on trick or treating for the employees kids. It's nice to see the residents get excited to see all the children! It's also sad though because many of them have no family that visit them! I would never do that to my parents! Here's the whole gang, my kids minus Lauren, my brother's 2 kids & my sister's 2 kids.

Braedon holding up his prize he won for cutest!Last Friday we carved our pumpkins, here's LuLu with her crazy pumpkin face.Lauren did the Mickey Mouse one! It came out great! I did the other 3 but the kids picked out the designs.Braedon loved his pirate pumpkin!

Trick or Treat night this year was very different for us. It was only Colby, Isabella, Braedon & Rylan. LuLu had a fever so she couldn't go & Lauren went with 2 of her girlfriends. And my niece Alora & nephew Jacob were not there as well. Here's a couple pics.

Fun times even with the kids being sick. And lots of candy that won't last long in this house! We are all candy addicts. I'm going to have to hide some of it that's for sure!

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