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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Girls Weekend in Maine!

Every year for the last 5 years my sister & I & our cousins have been going to Maine on Columbus Day weekend for a girls weekend. It's filled with shopping, drinks, great food & lots of laughs! Our mother's have been doing it for like 20 years. My cousin Colleen & I used to ask to join their group & they told us we should start one of our own so 5 years ago we did. We stay in a nice condo in Wells usually. We shop at the Kittery outlets, Perkins Cove, Ogunquit & Kennybunkport. At the end of the days we go out to some wonderful restaurants & have some drinks back at the room later. It's always a great time & the weekend always goes by way too fast!! Here in this pic we are one of our favorite restaurants Verano's. Great Italian place, highly recommend you go here if you ever have the chance!

My cousin, Bridget having a little fun!

Bridget & I being silly.The boats in Perkins Cove. Love this place!It was my cousins birthday the second day we were there. We celebrated at The Steakhouse. Another great place! They have the best house potato!All of us in Perkins Cove.We are thinking of extending our trip one more night for next year. We always leave early Sat. morning & come home Mon. but alot of times we feel rushed so we might start leaving on Friday's instead. It all depends if everyone will be able to get the day off from work. I'm hoping it will work out for all of us so we can have that extra night!

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