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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apple Picking

My mom & I took the kids apple picking today at Lakeview Orchards. It was a really nice day for it, not to hot, not to cold. The kids had fun. Lauren took off on us to taste all the different apples, she wasn't really into the "apple picking" thing. Rylan was old enough this year to enjoy it. He was funny, going from apple to apple. At one point he was eating one & dropped it & it got dirt all over it, he picked it back up & started to eat it again. I tried to take it away & give him a new one & he freiked so I handed it back to him. Oh well, what's a little dirt right?! You will notice there is no pics of Lauren because she wouldn't let me take any of course! What a pain sometimes.

Think we got enough!? Carmel apples, apple pie & apple sauce to be made!

Of course when we were done picking we had to go in the shop & buy some goodies! We got cookies, donuts, a whoopie pie & the carmel apple kit. The kids can't wait to make those! Maybe we will do it tomorrow. A nice day spent with my mom & kids!!

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