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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lake Compounce

Sunday I took the kids to Lake Compounce Amusement Park in CT. It was a whole family day, my mom, sister, brother & their families went also. Oh & my brother's best friend & his family tagged along too. We had a huge group of us, all together that was 10 kids! The kids had a blast! We went to the waterpark part first. It was definitely more geered towards children. There was a huge pirate ship part with waterslides & the huge bucket that drops all the water on everyone. The wave pool was nice, a little smaller than most waterparks I've been to but nice. They had another kiddie part that had swings for babies, 3 smaller slides for like 2,3 & 4 year olds and a big house that had 3 slides that came out of it, which was more for like the 5-8 yr. old kids. Laci & Braedon were at this part of the park for most of the time. There was this one purple slide, Braedon loved, he must have went on it 20 times!Laci was loving the house with the 3 slides. At one point as my mom & I were standing watching the kids we looked over to our right & realized there was also lake access in this waterpark. I knew the park was on the lake but didn't realize you would be able to go into the lake also. So, we grabbed the kids & headed down to the little beach. The water was bath water it was beautiful. And they had these two waterslides that landed right into the lake which I thought was cool, something different. Lauren, my brother, niece & nephew went up a huge tower where the slide twisted around it. They also had probably about 2 or 3 other slides for the older kids & adults. There was a lazy river but it was a small one. I didn't do anything that day cause the water was way to cold for me! The kids didn't care though.here are a couple pics from the waterpark.

After about two hours in the waterpark we got packed up & dressed & headed out to the amusement park. This part was also nice a good variety of kiddie rides & older rides. We actually didn't even have time to hit all the rides that day. Here are some pics from the park.

A fun but tiring day. We didn't end up getting home that night till 11:30. The boys pretty much fell asleep as soon as we put them in their carseats & Laci followed shortly thereafter. It was a great park though & I would definitely go back! Although next time I think I would like to stay overnight, it's hard having to drive a total of 41/2 to 5 hours in one day!

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